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Middle School Camp


Middle School Camp

June 17-21, 2023

This camp is geared to our middle school/junior high aged students. Students will be engaged in challenging adventures from canoeing, hiking, and even some fun-filled night games around the campfire. There will be engaging conversations, exciting cabin (team) activities, and plenty of opportunities to develop new friendships throughout week. Come join us!

Camp Speaker

John Byerly is the Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Church in Douglas, Wyoming. John's engaging storytelling allows him the opportunity to bring God's message to our younger generations. We are excited to have John with us for Middle School Camp.


Middle School


$259 per person


6/17/23, 9:00 PM


6/21/23, 4:45 PM


This camp, geared for middle school students, is full of all kinds of outdoor activities but the center of our focus is Jesus Christ.  We have moments of reflection, teachable moments during our activities, student staff that share their testimonies, and exciting chapels full of music and message.  Some of the activities include hiking, canoeing, and large-group games.

Other Information:

Please mail deposits and/or payments to Table in the Wilderness, PO Box 151, Centennial, WY 82055 (list student name(s) in the memo section) or bring your payment eith you at the time of check in.

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