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Mullen Fire

Well 2020 wouldn't be complete without the 3rd largest wildfire in Wyoming history right? This year the Mullen Fire was right in our back door and reached a total of 176,878 Acres. The families at camp were issued pre-evacuation notice nearly day 1 and was for 30 days. The question we kept asking the whole time was "How would God use it for his glory?".

Well turns out in ways we could never of imagined before. First and foremost the northeastern side closest to camp just stalled after that first week and most everything we use in the Snowys was spared. Then TWM was able to host firefighters for 29 days and serve over 1000 meals. Some days just a few and some days over 40, but it was an experience like none at camp had ever gone through.

The most amazing part was not how hardworking these people were (we expected that) but just how kind, respectful, and grateful every single one of them was. Every day we would receive words of appreciation “just for a warm bed” and for “having the best kept secret in Wyoming”.

God also used it to bless the camp. We had more likes and shares to the TWM facebook page than any other time. We got calls from people all over the country who we hadnt talked to in years. We received and amazing outpouring of generosity of food and resources. One specific shout out came from one of the main groups we hosted,

the Goshen County Emergency management team “[thank you for] taking care of our Goshen County Strike Teams! We Thank You for everything you have done for us and the other Fire Fighters you are taking care of. GREAT-Hot meals and comfortable nights in the cabins to get much needed rest. Bless you all! And again, Thank You!”

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