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I can not say thank you enough for the ministry you guys are running. The staff team you have on site is absolutely phenomenal and they represented Christ’s love in such a phenomenal way! My team has gone on many trips and often will leave a bit drained and many times just plain exhausted.

Dave Barone did a great job coordinating, communicating and being flexible with our leaders and was always looking for ways to improve. His heart for this camp and Jesus was incredibly obvious!

Dave (senior) was an amazing model of what it looks like for a family to joyfully serve together. He brought a level of excitement and just pure Spirit led joy that was such an encouragement! (Even if he has bad taste in Hockey teams)

Kyle’s servant heart was so evident and uplifting. Anytime we had a question or need Kyle was the first to jump in and find a solution. He has such a calm demeanor that was super fun to work alongside.

There are so many more hands that helped and were pivotal to making this trip a success and would love for you to thank them on our behalf! This is my third time out to table but the first time bringing college students. The facility, staffing and heart for the kingdom were exactly what we’ve been looking for!

Cody Goerke, College Pastor, Lincoln Berean, Lincoln, Nebraska

Information coming soon

Jason Newby, Youth Pastor, EFC of Eaton, Eaton, CO

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